Crystal Davenport, Founder

I started my journey online about 12 years ago, looking for a way to combine raising my 5 kids and bringing additional money to the family budget. I remember first joining Facebook when you had to get an “invite” (how funny is that!) and have been using social media and online strategies to build not only my business, but my client’s businesses since then.

I even built my first website in all html, because back then that’s the only way you could do it. (Yes, I’m well-aged, like wine ;))

Despite my technical skills, I struggled in the beginning with getting high paying clients and creating consistent income. I began working 10-12 hour days just keeping up with the work, and never knew how much would be coming in month to month.

Then, one day I realized I was doing it all wrong. I created a marketing system (now we know it as a funnel), and immediately I was able to not only charge more but create a waiting list. I was not only charging much more, while also having constant and consistent income!

Since then, I have helped hundreds of business owners create an online business that not only meets their income goals, but also their life goals. Like myself, many of my clients are moms who have to balance work with family life.

It's a satisfying feeling to know that I have helped so many women create their dream businesses and achieved their personal goals by freeing up not only time but also the stress of not knowing where the next client is coming from.

This is my passion, helping other moms achieve their goals. If you're ready to stop struggling for clients, to have more time for your family, and to stop stressing every month if you'll bring in the income you need, let's talk about how I can help you reach those goals. Let's chat!

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